A Solid FoundationStructures built on strong foundations last.  The same goes for your health.  If you want a healthy body for Life, you need to build it on a solid foundation of health care that will support it for a lifetime.

Chiropractic’s foundation is its Principle – a belief that we all possess an intelligent, vitalistic force within that maintains our existence and keeps our bodies working in perfect order. When this Power is allowed to express itself 100%, health supports us. When the Power is interfered with, we succumb to dis-ease. Eating properly is important, as is exercise… but if the Power that holds your body together doesn’t flow, the most important house YOU live in will crumble.

Health built on a foundation of drug therapy is risky and doesn’t stand for long. Health build on a foundation that supports the innate wisdom of the body, can weather any storm. What foundation is your health built on?


a dimes worth of damageThe weight of a dime, 8-10 mm of Hg, that’s all it takes to drain normal nerve transmission to a trickle.  Stretching a nerve by as little as 6% can also decrease its signal strength by 70%.   So what does that mean for you?

Your Nerve System transmits the data of Life.  Depending on role, thickness, and sheath covering, some nerves can relay information from your brain to your body at speeds exceeding 200 mph.  If those impulses are communicating vital instructions like ‘how many times your heart needs to beat,’ or ‘how should your immune system respond to a pre-cancerous lesion,’ you want those messages traveling at the highest possible speeds – with NO interference.  If those signals get blocked at the spinal level because of misaligned vertebrae (subluxations), damage to your health becomes imminent.

Sustained pressure and stretch on spinal nerves may not manifest symptoms immediately.  Detrimental effects usually grow silently until a crisis occurs.  That’s why it’s important to keep your spine in proper alignment with Chiropractic care – so your good health doesn’t stop on a dime.

Daylight Subluxation Time

What does turning your clocks back and subluxations have in common?  Both leave you with less LIGHT – get it!  The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct Subluxations.  If you break the word down you get:

SUB = less, LUX = light, and ATION = a state or condition of.

Subluxation literally means a state of less ‘light’ or energy caused when misaligned spinal bones restrict the flow of impulses through the nerve system.  A Chiropractic adjustment corrects this misalignment, eases pressure off nerves and extends the time Life energy flows through you – giving you more opportunity to heal.

Even though it will be getting darker earlier now, remember your innate healing ‘light’ shines for hours after every adjustment you receive. Fall back into a healthy routine with Chiropractic.

Garbage Cans and FliesEver notice that flies like to congregate around dirty, neglected garbage cans?  You don’t usually see them swarming near clean ones. The same can be said for germs, bugs, and viruses.

Germs are like flies… they’re opportunistic. Give them a dirty place to settle and they’ll multiply.  Provide a weak host and they’ll take advantage. But that’s not the case in clean, well-kept environments.  BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic said ‘if the germ theory was true, we would all be dead…’ He recognized that germs thrive in dis-eased (Subluxated) individuals who can’t fight back, not healthy strong ones.

If you keep your body tidy with proper hygiene, good nutrition and most important – a clear Nerve System, germs and bugs are less capable of taking up residence in you.  And if they make the mistake of trying to, your healthy well-adjusted body will give them the boot!

xbox immunityYou don’t become a battle ready soldier by playing Call of Duty®… and your favorite pro football team won’t start you at quarterback just because you’ve mastered their offense in Madden Football®. The simulated world of video games is no replacement for REAL WORLD experience. So how can you expect an artificial shot to make you REALLY immune to the flu?

Your immune system is pretty smart.  Every time your body is exposed to germs or viruses in the environment, your immune system detects the invader and mounts an appropriate defense.  Maybe your immune system creates a fever to make it difficult for the invader to spread, or a general malaise to shift energy away from muscle activity to white blood cell production. Whatever the response, your immune system innately learns and builds on its expertise – growing its ever-expanding protective skills from REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. That’s the right way to build natural, acquired immunity.

Germs and viruses don’t naturally come armed in formaldehyde, mercury, glycol, aluminum adjuvants, gelatins, foreign egg proteins, and antibiotics. Those ‘video game’ bugs don’t exist – yet that’s the extra insult your immune system has to contend with when you allow an artificial flu shot into your veins… and there’s nothing REAL WORLD about that

Are you an overly stressed person?  Is anxiety a perpetual state of your being? Unfortunately, that constant fear of what’s ‘lurking in the closet’  can be creating the chronic pain you’re experiencing in your body right now.

According to Hans Selye MD, well-known author of The Stress of Life, occasional anxious moments elicit a reflex stress response in our bodies.  However, prolonged and constant levels of anxiety can cause an OVER reaction. Your muscles become so hypertonic, they unintentionally lock your spine out of alignment – creating posture distortions, chronic immobility and potential nerve damage (a.k.a subluxations). That’s how constant FEAR causes constant PAIN.

Nothing is scarier than living in a perpetual, subluxated state.  If you know someone who’s suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and pain, tell them how Chiropractic care can potentially pull them from the darkness of dis-ease into the light of health and happiness. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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