Forget Someone?

Forget Someone?


forget someoneChiropractor – “Hey Mary, where are your kids?” Mary – “I left them home, they don’t have any back pain…” Chiropractor – “That might be true, but are they subluxated?”

Studies show that stress from the birth process alone is enough to produce pediatric Subluxations – subtle, yet significant vertebral misalignments which alter normal nerve function in children.  And don’t forget the stress they experience from falling off bikes, roughhousing with siblings or just trying to fit in at school.  Kids are inherently subluxation prone!

If you bring your kids to the dentist for preventative maintenance as soon as they get teeth, it only makes sense you bring them to the Chiropractor as soon as they get a spine.  In other words, don’t leave them at home… get them checked EARLY and REGULARLY for Subluxations.  You’re investing in their health and their future when you do.

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